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The client operates its own plant in Mexico without having to be registered as a Mexican entity.

The Shelter performs most tasks associated with establishing and operating a manufacturing facility in Mexico allowing the foreign firm to focus on manufacturing operations. Micromex provides the industrial space, hires all workers, administers payroll and other services, pays utilities, obtains permits and licenses, imports the foreign manufacturer’s equipment, machinery and raw materials and exports all finished products.

Basic Shelter we provide:

  • Manufacturing plant (floor space/maintenance)
  • Industrial park maintenance
  • Minimum wages for direct labor
  • Required legal benefits (socialized medicine/ social security)
  • Human resources management
  • Payroll
  • Mexican taxes/permits
  • Import/export permits
  • Professional consulting regarding any aspect of the maquiladora industry

Whether you are a large established company or a startup, small, medium, or large, MicroMex can help. We have helped companies large and small in industries from high tech to medical products on the high end–to simple assembly and packaging on the low end.

Whatever your needs are, we will meet and exceed them!