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Contract manufacturing is the ideal method of production for companies whose main priorities are not manufacturing. In a contract manufacturing scenario, we take care of the entire manufacturing process – from material purchasing to drop shipping to end customers. Micromex can handle each and every step of the operation, including incoming inspection, production, quality inspection, equipment/facilities maintenance, inventory, and drop shipping of the finished product to your customers.

Micromex Provides:

  • Manufacturing facility (including electricity, water, etc.)
  • Insurance for client’s equipment
  • All the direct an indirect labor (including plant manager, engineers, full benefits, etc.)
  • The permits to manufacture in Mexico
  • All the import/export documentation in Mexico (for equipment, raw materials, finished products, etc.)
  • English/Spanish translation
  • Coordination of all the border crossings (for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products)
  • Freight and border crossings – U.S. to Mexico and Mexico to U.S. – are charged separately depending on the number of trips. The client is responsible for the payment of all duties—if required by U.S. Customs.