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Conair Corporation, 2011

“One of our best vendors including off-shore groups. Strong—dependable—creative in getting the job completed on time and at budget.”

BH Electronics, 2009

“MicroMex has been a valuable partner with BH Electronics for more than 15 years. They play a major role in the success of BH Electronics. MicroMex is a dedicated organization that strives to continually improve their operation and the people who make it a great company.”

Tectrol, 2011

“It’s wonderful to work with MICROMEX! Hopefully we can continue working together for years to come.”

SAVVI, 2016

We have been working with Micromex for 10+ years.  It initially started as a couple small products, but has developed into a full line of items and Micromex/DEMSA has been there every step of the way.  I have worked with Maquiladora’s in the past, but never one like Micromex.  Juan Garcin and his staff’s commitment to their customers is truly amazing.  They are always positive, helpful, reliable and incredibly dedicated.  Their quality is consistent & top notch.  I cannot say enough good things about Micromex.  They have definitely become more of a partner than a vendor and that is why they are consistently at the top of our vendor list.   A++.”



“It is a pleasure to recommend Micromex Inc., located in Imuris, Mexico. Micromex is a valuable partner for Hillman Group Inc , since 2013, with outstanding results. I personally had the privilege to work directly with many fine people at this company since 2009 at Otis Elevators.  Micromex is a value added company, consistently achieving  positive results,  great Customer Service, bringing a high level of value to our company, Micromex is an example of the model to which we would like all suppliers to aspire.”

Universal Electric Corporation, 2011

“Very friendly people who are easy to work with.”

BH Electronics, 2016

“MicroMex is a key partner and supplier to BH Electronics with a with a long term relationship of over 20 years. MicoMex provides excellent support, communications and delivery while maintaining excellent product quality. They have responded well to the increasing complexity of our products and consistently maintained a very high level of performance.”

MicroTech Southwest, 2011

“MicroMex provides a great service and MicroTech is very happy to have them as a vendor.”