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Your answer to high production costs

Our services include a complete range of labor-intensive and low-medium technology projects—we offer contract manufacturing in the following areas: electronics and mechanical assemblies, general assemblies, wire harnesses, packaging and refurbishing.


Since 1988, Micromex Inc. has served customers in all areas of manufacturing, taking quality to the next level.


We have over 30 years experience in the off-shore manufacturing business. We are  ISO 9001:2015 Certified, UL and WCA complaint.


Contact us today for details on how we can establish a professional and profitable association between your firm and MicroMex Inc. Whatever your needs, we can help!


Sub-Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is the ideal method of production for companies whose main priorities are not manufacturing. In a contract manufacturing scenario, we take care of the entire manufacturing process – from material purchasing to drop shipping to end customers. Micromex can handle each and every step of the operation, including incoming inspection, production, quality inspection, equipment/facilities maintenance, inventory, and drop shipping of the finished product to your customers.


Shelter Division

The client operates its own plant in Mexico without having to be registered as a Mexican entity.

The Shelter performs most tasks associated with establishing and operating a manufacturing facility in Mexico allowing the foreign firm to focus on manufacturing operations. Micromex provides the industrial space, hires all workers, administers payroll and other services, pays utilities, obtains permits and licenses, imports the foreign manufacturer’s equipment, machinery and raw materials and exports all finished products.


Production Management

At MICROMEX our goal is to be the solution to your manufacturing needs. We handle every aspect of the production management from, labor and production to transportation and administration.